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We provide aftercare for the most challenging time in pet companionship.

Just as every individual and family's relationship with their pet is unique, so is our approach to understanding and supporting you. Whether you want to preserve your pet's memory with something as simple as a single bone preservation, or something as complex as full taxidermy, we look forward to talking to you about remembering your pet in the way that best honors their memory.

For families who would prefer honoring the memory of their pet without preserving their hard or soft tissue, we regularly provide services including casts, felted hair spheres, and leather-free coat preservation.

As you'll notice when looking through our past work, families commonly combine services to find the best way to memorialize their pet, such as a combined bones, fur, and cast preservation. All images shown are projects that were completed by Precious Creature. They are presented here with the express permission of the loved one's family.

Akita's pelt with a focus on the face


Versatile and intimate, the warmth of your pet's coat is a tangible memorial to hold and pet.

Dog's skull with a jar of bones and a plant in the background


Revealing and elegant, bones tell the remarkable story of your loved one's life.

Cast of a large dog's paw being held by a person


Inorganic and lifelike, casts use alternative materials to commemorate your beloved.

Taxidermied small dog, sitting up and looking proud


Sculptural and emotive, complete taxidermy preserves your pet's entire body to cherish forever.